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Helping Hands


We Extend our web of Connectedness beyond the walls of “A Gathering Place.”


Our students are active in giving back to the community. 


Annually, we participate in community service projects with the following groups: 

Domestic and sexual assault survivors 

Children who have cancer 

Health fairs and wellness outreach events 

Numerous cancer and pain patient outreach programs 


Community Service- Donations are made annually to various organizations.

We are currently looking for the organizations that you would like to see us support. Send us an email or use our contact form to tell us your favorite organizations and know that each time you give a tip to our students in clinic, your money goes to our chosen charities that you helped us pick! 


Giving back to the Community through our donations of massage services and tip money, allows A Gathering Place Massage Therapy School-Springfield to support others in need.  We educate about giving back to the Community through touch, wellness education, and sharing our financial abundance so others may benefit. 

Love in Action!  Caring through Touch! Healing and Compassion for ALL!

Learn more about our commitment to Community and who we are networked with on our Community Connectedness page. 


Enjoy exploring more about our Center.  You will find warmth in our students and staff. 


Learn more about our Massage Therapy Programs for students and learn about our caring staff of Professional Massage Therapists. 


We touch each others’ lives as we grow in exploration of wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. 

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