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Massage Therapy Program for Health Providers

This is designed for our Health Care Professional that feel called to add Massage Therapy to there skillset.

Massage Therapy Programs, geared to the Health Care Provider

This program is for those licensed health care professionals who want to add Massage Therapy to their list of skills so that they may better assist their patients. The Program Administrator will evaluate your training and education, and determine the best program for you. This program is often accelerated to help you get your license quickly so that you can offer massage and bodywork services to the patients you care for. Some of your college classes can be transferred in and other classes you can test out of. With our many options, there is bound to be a program that is right for you. And just imagine the added value you will bring to your workplace!

We also have an O’Fallon Campus!
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1676 Bryan Rd Suite 100-101
Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368
Phone: 636-385-6194

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